Garage Door Accessories

Fix Your Garage Door can supply all types of replacement remotes, photo electric beams and just about any thing you need for your garage door, just ask us and if we don't have it, we will get it!

Our Range Includes:

  • ATA Accessories including:
    • Smart Solar - Alternative Power Options
    • Battery Backup - During Power Failures
    • Transmitters - Overcome wireless & Cordless device interference
    • Click here to download the ATA Accessories Brochure
  • B&D Accessories including:
    • Door Openers
    • Emergency Key Release
    • Wall Button Transmitter
    • Entry Keypad
    • Combo Access Device
    • Security System Compatible
    • Solar Power System
    • Rechargeable Battery Backup
    • Safety Infra-Red Beams
    • External Antenna - Boost Range to transmitter
    • Park-A-Lert®. - Ultrasonic Park Assist
    • Click here to download B&D Accessories Brochure
  • Merlin Accessories:
    • Door Openers
      • 2 Button Keyring remote
      • 3 Button Keyring remote
      • 3 Button Remote Control with visor Clip
      • 4 Button Keyring remote
      • 4 Button Slider remote
      • Single Button Remote Control with visor Clip
      • Wireless Entry Keypad
      • Wireless Security Keypad
    • Extended Antenna
    • 24v Evercharge Battery standby unit
    • LCD motion detection control panel
    • Outside automatic key switch
    • Multi function control panel with illuminated push button
    • Wireless Open door monitor and sensor

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