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Merlin Garage Door Openers

Fix Your Garage Door is an authorised Dealer of Merlin products for the Sydney Region, we always use Genuine Merlin parts when repairing or servicing your Merlin product.

Our Product Range includes: 

  • Residential

    Merlin Roller Door Openers we recommend include:

    Merlin Automatic Openers for Sectional Doors we recommend include:

    Tilt Garage Door Openers we recommend include:

    Merlin legacy garage door openers are also available.

    Click here to download Merlin Residential Garage Door Openers Brochure

  • Commercial

    We supply and fit, Merlin Light Commercial Roller Door Openers & Automation

    Click here to download Merlin Commercial Door Openers Brochure

  • Gates
    • Gate Opener Automation:
      • Sliding Gate Openers & Automation
      • Swinging Gate Openers & Automation
    • IR Beams:
      • Outdoor IR Beams with Relay Contacts
      • Outdoor protector Systems IR Beams
    • Exit Sensors
    • 3 Channel universal receivers
    • 2 output add on receiver
    • Keypad cable release
    • Wireless Gate Bell
  • Accessories
    • Door Openers
      • 2 Button Keyring remote
      • 3 Button Keyring remote
      • 3 Button Remote Control with visor Clip
      • 4 Button Keyring remote
      • 4 Button Slider remote
      • Single Button Remote Control with visor Clip
      • Wireless Entry Keypad
      • Wireless Security Keypad
    • Extended Antenna
    • 24v Evercharge Battery standby unit
    • LCD motion detection control panel
    • Outside automatic key switch
    • Multi function control panel with illuminated push button
    • Wireless Open door monitor and sensor

    Click here for a full list of Merlin Garage Door Accessories

  • Garage Door Safety

    Fix your Garage Door takes home safety seriously, that is why we recommend Merlin Automatic Garage Door & Gate Openers.  Merlin is committed to ensuring the safety of your most valuable assets – your children and pets – and its range of automatic garage door openers offer the very latest in safety features including:

    • An automatic safety reversing system so if the garage door is obstructed while opening or closing, it will automatically stop
    • Automatic force sensing - the garage door opener intuitively monitors and adjusts the force needed to open your garage door, drastically reducing the likelihood of a family member being injured.